24v8a Forklift Battery Charger with Aluminium Alloy with Fan

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1. AC Input voltage: 90 Volts~240 Volts

2. AC Voltage input frequency: 50~60Hz

3. Charging method: CC and CV

4.  Effeciency: 90%

5. Working Temperature: -10℃~+40

6. Storage Temperature: -400℃~+70℃

7. AC cable length: 1.5m

8. DC cable length: 1.0m

9. charging current: 12V10A, 24V7A, 36V5A, 48V4A

How to calculate charging voltage for battery?

Normally single cell charging voltage for li-ion is 4.2V, and single cell charging voltage for LiFePO4 is 3.65V; Single cell(12V) charging voltage for lead acid battery is 14.7V, therefore charging voltages for batteries are as follows:

24V LiFePO4(8 cells in series): 8x3.65V=29.2V;

24V Li-ion (7 cells in series): 7x4.2V=29.4V;

24V Lead acid (2 cells in series): 2x14.7V=29.4V

36V LiFePO4(12 cells in series): 12x3.65v=43.8V

36V Li-ion (10 cells in series): 10x4.2v=42V

36V Lead acid(3 cells in series): 3x14.7v=44.1V

48V LiFePO4(16 cells in series): 16x3.65v=58.4V

48V Li-ion(13 cells in series): 13x4.2v=54.6V

48V Lead acid(4 cells in series): 4x14.7v=58.8V

60V Lead acid (5 cells in series): 5x14.7v=73.5V

If your battery is different voltage, please inform us. Or if your battery is with different cells number in series, you can calculate the charging voltage yourself.

The lead time for the charger is about 2-5 days because different customers have different demand for the chargers, and we need a few days to test.

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